Mindset Retreats in Mallorca

designed for you

121 Mindset Retreats

We make huge breakthroughs and deal with whatever issues from past, present or future that you are currently struggling to deal with. We work intensively together daily and you have time to yourself too for personal reflection and relaxation.

Bespoke & flexible

Personal & Work/Business

We eradicate any anxiety or stress that you have, change the way you think about your past and present as well as give you clarity for your future. I say, “Bring it all with you, leave nothing behind”.

Change your life

Do you Feel Lost, Disconnected?

We identify your purpose and ensure that you are able to live it to the full. Enabling you to reach a happier, higher state to move forward with your life and reach your potential. Truly transformational , your life will never by the same – in a good way!

focused on you

Time For You & For Your Life

Taking you away from your usual day to day responsibilities enables the transformation to begin. You come with an open mind and using my own protocols we work to transform your life and open you up to new and exciting opportunities. You need to come prepared to focus and work and you will reap the benefits.

Please use this form to get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, confidential chat about how I may be able to help you. Looking forward to speaking. Chris


    July 28, 2018

    A 121 Majorca Retreat with Chris is a safe and supportive place, he has helped me deal with lifelong personal issues and business challenges moving forward.

    He has shown me how to get clarity and focus to move forward.

    Chris is a good soul he can be harsh but is there to catch you if you fall.

    I am leaving here as a better version of me, if you are contemplating a retreat with Chris then do it, I promise you will never regret it.

    He is a truly brilliant man.