The Workplace Fix

Is poor staff morale dragging your business performance down?

  • Has productivity dropped like a stone?
  • Are sickness rates spiralling out of control?
  • Are you getting bad reviews online because of poor customer service?
  • Are you struggling to retain your workforce?
  • Are members of staff becoming less flexible, rather than accommodating?
What if someone could show you how to open up more effective lines of communication and trust to resolve that. What if your business became a place where:
  • opinions and constructive criticism can be shared without fear of repercussions
  • a sense of belonging and pulling together for a common goal is the norm
  • staff are recognised for their contribution, rather than feeling neglected and unsupported
So many problems in the workplace can be attributed to a breakdown in communication and an “us and them” culture. When staff feel they cannot speak up without fear of reprisal, and managers are struggling to meet their business targets, it’s a recipe for disaster.   How would it be if you could bring in a neutral observer, a wingman, to steer you through boosting your communication channels, and getting everyone pulling together as a team?   Quite often, as a business grows, a lot of effort is put into meeting operational challenges, but not always growing a strong and loyal workforce. As the headcount grows, relationships become weaker, direct communication less frequent within all levels of the business, and disappointment and frustrations start to set in.   Demotivated staff find it difficult to speak up, and settle for doing an average job, rather than talking about genuine improvements that could be made. If their frustrations are not dealt with, workplace stress and absences start to spiral out of control, which easily becomes a vicious circle, potentially leading to more sickness, both the odd day and longer term. Not to mention possible tribunal action and potential for legal action and a situation where you’re pensioning off staff.   Hiring an independent person to start the communication process is the quickest and by far the most cost-effective way to break through the barriers and get to boost staff morale, performance and productivity. It removes the concerns that an open discussion might flare up into a dispute.   It also sends a clear signal that you’re serious about helping staff with their mental health and well being.

How to work with me

I offer 3 packages, depending on how much help you feel you need.
  • Half-day quick win A session attended by senior managers where we discuss the issues you’re facing, and I give you a series of recommendations to solve those problems.
  • 2-day breakthrough A two-day session where we firstly look at your communication and rewards strategy, and a second full-day session where the strategy is discussed with representatives from your staff, so you can make progress quickly
  • Implementation and accountability Once the plan is agreed, I can be on hand on a retainer basis to integrate your new systems into your operating procedures, to make sure no one slips back into bad habits.